Victoria Hanna at the Melbourne International Festival 2005
About Victoria Hanna
“An insightful artistic virtuoso who takes your breath away.” (Ha'ir Tel-Aviv)

Integrating theatre, music, spoken word and video, experimental Israeli vocalist Victoria Hanna enacts a unique resentation of sacred Hebrew texts and prayers in an entirely modern context.

Her two Festival performances promise a blend of deft vocal acrobatics against a sonic backdrop of electro-Hebrew trance.
Victoria Hanna's work depicts her ongoing experimentation with the vocal and conceptual boundaries of language. She attaches great importance to the words used in her work and the delivery of individual syllables, letters and vowels. Defined facial expressions and hand gestures, a hallmark of her performances, are used to express and emphasise her words.

Hanna describes her work as highly spiritual, holy and experimental. It reflects both her upbringing in a very spiritual, religious community in Jerusalem where the language and elocution of prayer was valued above all other arts and Jerusalem itself, where the overlapping of the past and present, ancient and modern are at its very essence.
“I see a deep connection between the past and the future, “ she says. “I am trying to show that Judaism can be very modern, very young and relevant.”

Her music also integrates translations and original texts in English, Persian, Czech and Arabic.

In Australia at the upcoming 2005 Melbourne Festival, Hanna will perform at the Hi-Fi Bar & Ballroom, where she will lead a musical collaboration with Israeli and Australian musicians for a club music program featuring improvisations and cross-over music.

At The Famous Spiegeltent, audiences will see a different side to Hanna's vocal talent, her Ancient Hebrew Rap, which combines hip-hop, rap and electronic music with ancient Hebrew texts.

She is accompanied by Nori Jacobi (viola), Tamir Muscat (electronics and drums) and Itamar Ziegler on bass.

A graduate of the Nisan Nativ Acting Studio, Victoria Hanna has performed at premier venues in Israel and toured throughout the United Sates and Europe. She has featured at music and film festivals in Mumbai, Berlin, Sao Paolo, Boston, Ukraine, Mongolia, Japan, Poland, Mexico and Mongolia.

In January 2005 Hanna completed a residency at The Kitchen Performance Theatre in New York and is currently working on her next CD.

Victoria Hanna's appearance at the Melbourne International Arts Festival marks the first visit of Jerusalem's underground diva to Australia.
Notes adapted from the Melbourne International Festival with thanks
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