(Orcha Bamidbar)

(Caravan in the Desert)

Yamin usmol, rak chol vachol
Yatzhiv midbar le'lo mish'ol

Rak kav, kif'at ye'arim kchad
Tzilo al peney ha'ofek yat

Orkcha overa, orkcha na'ah
Kidmoot kchalom sham mufla'ah

Hed tzlil oleh, yored katzuv
Gmalim pos'im be'nof atzuv

Ze akchar ze, yishrey pesia'ah
Ke'kchorshey nir, yekchtzu tzia

Lin-lan lin-lan, mi'yam el yam
Kol ni'ah kal, kol tza'ad tam

Shma'h kol ha'tzlil, ke'tzav matok
Halokch us'et, halokch ushtok

Lin-lan lin-lan, ze shir handod
Rak kal litz'od, rak kal litz'od
Right and left, only sand and sand.
The desert turns yellow, without a path.

A caravan passes, moving silently,
As if a dream image, inconceivable.

A musical sound rises and falls in rhythm.

Camels tread in a melancholy landscape.

Lin lan lin lan ... this is the song of wandering.
Quiet and majestic - quiet and pacing.

  Alternate free translation:
To the right and left, just sand and sand,
yellow desert without a path.

A caravan passes, moving silently,
like a dream there, so strange.

The tinkling of bells rises and falls rhythmically.
Camels plodding through a depressing landscape.

Lin Lan Lin Lan,
this is the song of the wanderer,
to carry without a murmur,
beat the drum
and march on.

Hebrew words

TEXT Poem by Yaakov Fichman
COMPOSER David Zehavi
SINGER Esther and Avi Ofarim

The Best Of Esther And Avi Ofarim - Track 10

Shelo Yigamer Le'olam: Songs of David Zehavi
DANCE CHOREOGRAPHER Yonatan Karmon  1957


Words transliterated and translated by Aya and Neta from Tel Aviv
sent in by their friend Gabriel Shivers of Heidelberg, Germany
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